Eco loan at zero rate: renovation works

What is zero rate eco loan? The zero-rate eco-loan has been offered since 2009 by the partner banks of the State. It is a loan that is part of sustainable development policies and projects included in the Grenelle environment aimed at improving the conditions for protecting our environment.


A loan for improving energy performance

loan for improving energy performance

The zero-rate eco-loan focuses on improving the energy performance of old buildings, by proposing to applicants to finance renovation and upgrading of their homes. The objective is to:

  • minimize energy consumption
  • substitute traditional energy sources with renewable energy sources (when possible)
  • and above all reduce the greenhouse gases emitted by certain homes.

A building stock to renovate

The State did not arbitrarily establish this loan: the zero-rate eco-loan was designed on data and made real. Note that buildings emit 23% of the country’s total CO² emissions, and take a share representing more than 40% of the total energy consumed in France. These figures are increasing every year in worrying proportions. The objective of such approaches is to arrive in 2020 to reduce by at least a third the energy consumption of the homes present (which means 400,000 buildings to be upgraded).


Finance its works at preferential rate

Finance its works at preferential rate

The zero-rate eco-loan is not the only incentive loan to start energy performance work in your home. There are different loans that can be combined with the eco-loan to achieve the same goal, but the zero rate eco-loan remains the only interest-free loan.
The zero-rate eco-loan finances well-defined works which aim to:

  • save energy used by a building
  • also reduce its gas emissions
  • and finance the purchase of any equipment that will help achieve the same goal.


Who can benefit from the eco loan?

Who can benefit from the eco loan?

The zero-rate eco-loan is granted to a natural person (owner or lessor) to finance the ecological renovation of a main residence. The work possible under the zero-rate loan is organized into “work packages”, which are clearly determined by the text of the law.

Sparkline Credit’s tip: All the work financed must be synergistic and work together to achieve the same end: improving the energy performance of housing.